Another One…

Today started as a good day. I got up, as usual, at 3:30 in the morning. I continued my work on Farisa’s Crossing. Got a lot done. I’ve always had confidence in my writing itself, but recently I hit an inflection point in the revision process, where I feel genuine knowing confidence (as opposed to the unknowing confidence I had two years ago, before I knew how fiction really worked) in the story itself. It has taken a long time, and I sure ain’t done yet, but it stands a good chance of being a significant book.

Most of my blog readers know that, since 2011, I’ve written about the then-emerging (and now alarmingly present) issue of authoritarianism in technology. I deleted most of my blog posts in 2016 (by accident, as I intended to republish some). I thought that disappearing from the online world would fix certain problems that had emerged in my life, due to my vocal opposition to authoritarianism. It has not.

Death threats keep coming. I received one an hour ago. Not a threateningly credible one. A stupid one that’s going to get someone who didn’t think about what they was doing in a lot of trouble.

I am disgusted that it keeps happening. Disgusted.

Tech-industry death threats don’t scare me. The most dangerous people don’t drop warnings. Though I’m no longer afraid of these things, they piss me off. They still piss me off, and I ought to be used to it by now. The sorts of people who do this shit, I don’t want them in my life. And I thought that, by November 2018, they wouldn’t be.

Stay tuned. I’ll say more when I’m less nauseated.

9 thoughts on “Another One…

    • Police often don’t take online crime as seriously as they should. There’s something about the internet that makes some people think that abhorrent behaviour online is more OK than abhorrent behaviour in the “real world”. Many of the recent shooters in the US had a history of threatening people online, and if the police had paid attention, they might have been able to intercept some. But most people don’t bother reporting them because they know the police don’t care, and the threats that were reported were ignored.

  1. This is awful. It should not be happening in a free society where individual thoughts, ideas,opinions and votes are encouraged and form the foundation of our Democratic society. I thought I was alone in dealing with this form of authoritarianism which I just continue to refer to as cyberbullying. I slacked off from complaining. Went through a low point where I became depressed, discouraged felt helpless and that my complaints were not actually being heard by people that really cared. I also felt I was being “gaslighted”, mocked and blamed for the behavior I was being subjected to. I have read some of your blog entries for a while. They are in my feed when I navigate through the dashboard. This is the first time I’ve seen you share your bad experiences on this issue. Hope and pray things work out for you. Be safe.

  2. Why are you getting death threats?

    I do remember reading about some friction with Paul Graham / Google / Hacker News, but nothing that would even remotely warrant a death threat.

    • What warrants a death threat? Most people who get death threats haven’t done anything that “warrants” them. Assuming there’s some reason that the death threats are deserved is an example of the just world fallacy.

  3. Your private investigator must be your best friend by now.

    Since about two years, publicly saying you don’t find Trump that much of a problem (in practice he’s the same as Obama, same as Bush, …), or that sexually mutilating 9-year olds because they they totally are girls inside is madness will get you branded, with accompanying threats. In such a climate, many people will not care what you get. They themselves are on edge and expect the worse from their fellow Americans. An excellent state of affairs for the elite, who can just avoid retribution for what they’ve brought. And the progressive Good Guys (TM) will of course never assume responsibility for shooting first in the creation of this hysteria.

    • Same as the guy who instituted the Patriot Act, free speech zones, and the war in Iraq is not much to brag about. The world lost a lot of respect for the US after Bush, and what was left over is rapidly decaying under Trump. Obama definitely wasn’t spotless but he did enough decent things in between the drone strikes and keeping Gitmo open that the rest of the world could hold out some hope that the US was going to get better. In the eyes of basically the entire western world, the US electing Trump was a bad sign for your country, and it has been.

      By the way, the elite in your country are the Republicans who manufacture support for candidates that primarily benefit the upper class. Trump himself, is, in fact, a member of your elite. The idea that a man with an apartment covered in solid gold is not “elite” but anyone who graduated college or lives in a coastal region is, is one of the most ridiculous American concepts I have ever heard.

      • What Trump did was, though disgusting, amazing. He ran against 40 years of damage done by bullies, Boomers, and billionaires… despite being all three. He effectively said, “These guys in Washington are all corrupt, because I’m one of the rich assholes corrupting them” and it worked.

        I think some of Trump’s support was a hate-vote. It’s not that these people love Trump as a person; they’re tired of the smug superego of the corporate elite, so they’ve decided to throw in with the id.

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