Short Story “Puckle” for Release in Dec. 2017

I’m still working on Farisa’s Crossing, but I’d like to get a short story out there as well– in part, to try out the self-publication process, and in part, because I think it’s a neat short. It has nothing to do with Farisa; it’s sci-fi rather than epic fantasy.

The title’s “Puckle”. I’ll be giving away 144 copies for free, and then selling it for 99 cents.


4 thoughts on “Short Story “Puckle” for Release in Dec. 2017

        • Story’ll be late December; I like to give even short work some time to cool. Farisa’s Crossing depends on whether I go with self-publishing or NYC trade-pub. Traditional publishing is usually a raw deal, but if you get an outlier deal and have a good lawyer to protect your rights (don’t expect your agent to do this) then it can be worth it… at least, when you’re unestablished and can use a trade-pub’s “rocket fuel” to get your first 50,000 readers.

          If I self-publish, which is more likely, because legit trade deals are rare for reasons not always connected to the quality of the work– then I’m aiming for Oct. 1, 2018.

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